Feb 10, 2011

Perkongsian Pengalaman Pelajar Nur Fadhilah Othman ke UBC Canada

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera,

Bersama-sama ini saya sertakan perkongsian pengalaman seorang pelajar tahun 3 dari major Sains Politik yang telah menjalani program Skim Belajar Ke Luar Negara (SBLN) ke Universitu of British Columbia di Canada pada Semester I,  Sidang Akademik 2010/2011.  Kisah ini diceritakan dalam laman blog peribadi milik pelajar ini iaitu Dancing Fingers.

A letter to kak jumie. :)
Assalamualaikum kak jumie. I hope you are doing well with all the work and life, wishing you are enjoying every single minute of it. Life is something that you yourself have to mix it up, and it's yours until the time runs out. it's already been mid of February, and I kept asking myself where did January gone too? I promised you about my experience here in UBC, Canada and encouraging the students to study here, aren't i? well, I start of with

The Weather
It's definitely different from Malaysia. It can be pleasantly sunny on Monday and raining cats and dogs on the Tuesday. And when you wake up on the Wednesday, Christmas here already! Snowing until 4cm thick! that's how funny the weather here in Vancouver. I will check the weather forecast before I went out, a habit I pick up along the way.

The Food
Kak jumie, saya berani kerat jari sapa yg datang sini akan rindu makanan Malaysia. It will be different, even some Malaysian delicacies here, it tastes different and expensive mind you! A plate of rice and kari will costs you simply about RM15. But you'll learn to get used to it. Somehow, human's nature to adapt with the environment.

The Languange
Here is something funny about it, before I went overseas, I figured that you have to be fully capable of speaking fluently in English. No err, no emm, just smooth conversation. But now, I don't think so. If you look confident and know what you are talking about, you will get through. And I appreciate that I know 2 languange rather than one, anda boleh mengumpat di khalayak ramai without the knowing what it means. Speaking from experience of course.

The Studies
It takes a whole lot of reading and thinking if you study overseas. I am always in favor of saying that "omputih lagi pandai dr kita". Those perspective is rubbish. It's actually their culture and their mindset that makes them who they are. We actually can be just like them, if we want, it's all ours.

The Facilities
Here it was awesome. But reasonable since they are North Americans and the fees for this kind of school is massive; 1000$ per subject. :)

Truth to be told, when I first came here, I was devastated. Since I am all alone from USM and I thought I was young, 20 years old traveling alone, but then realization kick me in the head. I met a Malaysian students here, in her first year and only 17 years old!! If she can do it, why can't I right? And you guys are about to think that, "ohh, banyak nk kena fikir sblm datang," yes, i am saying that it's not an easy road but it's not impossible. you can do anything, finding loopholes anywhere you want regarding scholarship, finance, subjects, recommendation. You just need to have a will to do it. InsyaAllah, Allah akan tolong,niat kalau betul, Allah akan tolong. And if you somehow berdepan dengan dugaan, it's just a matter of things that Allah nk uji kamu. "Sesungguhnya kalau kita xpecahkan ruyung, manakan kita akan dapat sagunya". Dan satu perkara i learned the hard way,

Tuum Est
(It is yours)

And lastly, I just want to say thank you PPSK and all of their staff and terlibat secara langsung da tidak langsung diatas usaha anda sepanjang dalam proses saya kesini. Dan sejuta-berjuta2 penghargaan pada DrZaini, Enyatno kerana tidak pernah berputus asa terhadap saya. Mereka memang dua insan pendidik yang sangat membantu saya mengenal dunia.

Just some pictures I manage to take during the first month while I am here,

Irving Library

Pelajar Malaysia pada malam Malaysian Singaporean Night di UBC 5th Feb 2011.
Rekreasi di kala petang
That's all from me Kak jumie. Thanks and see you soon then. :)

Diharapkan perkongsian pengalaman ini dapat memberi inspirasi kepada pelajar junior lain yang mempunyai impian untuk menyertai program ini.  Selamat maju jaya dan setinggi-tinggi penghargaan dan terima kasih kepada Nur Fadhilah Othman kerana kesudian untuk menyediakan artikel ini.  Kami masih menungggu kisah-kisah daripada pelajar Sains Kemasyarakatan yang lain.  Harap dapat berkongsi pengalaman anda dengan kami tak lama lagi.